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Features Freemium Essential Executive Enterprise
EXM Lounge
EXM Collab
EXM Ads Read Only Read Only Post 1x / day Post 2x / day
EXM 101
Telegram Account 1 1 1 2
Instagram Handle 1 1 3 5
Engagement Rounds Theo Only Jasmine, Sophie, Theo Jasmine, Sophie, Theo Jasmine, Sophie, Theo
Warn Limit 2 3 4 6
SFS Matcher
IG Analytics
Viral Posts Tracker
Hashtags generator
IG Growth Tracker
Hashtags Analytics

Grandpa Sam: Instagram Research Tool

I'm Grandpa Sam, EXM's Superpower Inventor. If you're looking for trending hashtags, hasthags' analytics, viral posts and your account's analytics data, how about giving me a try?

USD 12,99 /month


24hrs Ain't Enough? We're Here For You

Our team comprised of social media experts will help you manage your page so you can focus more on your personal while still making money through social media.

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Bigger audience, bigger influence, and bigger network.

As a member, you will get full access to our member portals where everyone shares Instagram business resources and insights. In addition to that, you will also be a part of our dynamic shout-out groups and engagement groups that will help grow the influence of your brand. When you’re a member, you get access to our Executive Mafia university where you’ll learn a handful of information on how to build your Instagram empire.

After you subscribe, give us 24hrs to invite you through Telegram.

In case you don’t receive our invitation in 24 hours, please contact us for clarification. But our team across the world works 24/7 to assist our members, so be rest assured, the chances of you not getting an invitation in 24 hours is very low.

Nonetheless, we are working on getting you an immediate access as soon as you register. Fingers crossed!

P.S. Make sure that the telegram username you input is correct and is the same as the one you registered with. If you do not own a Telegram username yet, you can make one through your Telegram setting.

Give it 1 month at minimum. If you work really hard and if you do it consistently, it should take less than that.

When you register, you will get an affiliate link to invite others. When your referrals sign up and subscribe, you will earn commission in your EXM-Wallet that can be used to pay for subscription.

Yes you can! Remember, you don't have to pay/subscribe to refer people in. Simply register and you will get an affiliate link to invite others. When your referrals sign up and subscribe, you will get your commission in your EXM-Wallet which can be used to pay for membership! You can contact our Admin @EXM_Support for more information regarding this.

We support all major browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera.

Yes. Please check our Privacy Policy for more information about this.

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